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EagleGlove™ Military Grade Tactical Gloves (w/ Mobile Touch Padding)

EagleGlove™ Military Grade Tactical Gloves (w/ Mobile Touch Padding)

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“Keep Your Hands SAFE Without Hurting Your Productivity”

  • Shield Knuckles from Cuts & Bruises
  • Protect Palms During High Speed Falls
  • Access Your Phone Even With Gloves On
  • Find the Perfect Fit With Adjustable Straps
  • Ensure Your Hands are Always Dry 

Your Hands Will NEVER Be Damaged Again

EagleGlove™ Tactical Gloves give your hands the ultimate protection from damage. 

Patented hard knuckle padding protection keeps knuckles safe from cuts while working outdoors.

And reinforced dual-layer synthetic palms shield your skin in case of accidents causing you to slide.

Every section of the gloves are double-stitch strengthened so they never tear!

Keep Water Out from Ruining Your Day

One of the most uncomfortable feelings ever is getting water trapped inside your gloves!

With EagleGlove™, that won't happen.

Each pair is lined with water resistant material that keeps your skin and water separate. 

Tiny breathable holes let your hands "breath" without giving liquids access to your skin!

Access Touch Phones Without Taking Off Gloves!

Specialized finger tip touch padding on the middle finger allow you to use touch phones.

And the best part is, you don't have to take your gloves off!

Don't let gloves hinder your ability to interact with the world. 

Use EagleGlove™ to access your phone with ease. 

Maintain Your Hands' Maneuverability 

Adjustable wrist straps let you find the perfect fit for your gloves so they don't slip off when in use.

And the materials are designed with maximum flexibility in mind.

Plus, with such a lightweight design, the gloves never get in the way of your hands' movement!

See What Our Customers Have to Say!

  Great for knuckle protection.

"I'm always banging up and cutting my knuckles, even with shop gloves on. These seem like they'll help with that without being too bulky. I do have to point out that I fall right in the middle of the Large sizing measurements, but the large gloves I received are quite snug. If you're on the higher end of the sizing guide, buy the next size up."

Tyler B.

  rugged and reliable

"Terrific gloves that are comfortable and sturdy. I wear them for camping and hiking and they do the job. The plastic knuckle protectors are made of hard plastic that look reliable and rugged. Looks great and fit great. Very pleased with this purchase."

Alex Thimmons

  Comfortable work glove with protected knuckles

"I got these on sale and found they are a very comfortable glove to wear. I especially like the hard knuckle cover, I usually scrape or bang mine up, this feature will do away with those mishaps. The gloves appear to be well made and are on par with the other gloves I have. I think I would prefer to wear these."

Quinton Rose

  No other gloves are as good!

"I really want to bash this gloves, mines after some 3k 4k miles have several tears but I just love them. I have expensive leather gloves. Have tried several dozen of brand gloves and haven't been to find a pair that feel so good as this one does. I guess I will just keep replacing them every 5k miles."

Franco Castro


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